Colorado Balloon Rides
by RushCube

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1 How long is the flight?

The flight lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the wind speed and direction. A chase vehicle will follow you on the ground to meet you for pick up when you land. Plan on being with your pilot for about 3-4 hours from start to finish.

2 How high does the balloon go?

Altitude will vary during the flight above Colorado, but most flights take place between 1,000 and 3,000 feet enabling amazing views of surprising distance. The balloon may go higher if the wind allows your pilot to do so. Winds permitting, some flights will also occur at lower altitudes (treetop level) that provide a nice close up of the area.

3 How far do you travel?

Most flights travel approximately 2-5 miles through Colorado. Because your balloon flight relies 100% on the wind, no two hot air balloon rides are the same.

4 How many people fit in the basket?

This depends on the size of the balloon and its basket. The largest balloon is capable of carrying 16 passengers plus the pilot. Twelve person, 10 person, 8 person and 4 person balloons are available in many areas as well. Experts are standing by to help you get the best size hot air balloon to comfortably lift the number of people in your party.

5 What should we wear?

We suggest that you wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes appropriate for an outdoor adventure. Dress for the season and layer your clothing so that you can adjust for the warming temperatures for morning flights and cooling at dusk. The coolest you will be is on the ground. Once in flight, the burners tend to keep the basket nice and warm during the winter months.

For example, in the winter, appropriate clothing includes hats, gloves, boots and sunglasses. Summer attire includes long pants, sturdy shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses. No shorts, open-toed shoes or sandals please.

6 What should we bring?

You are allowed to bring a camera and/or video camera to capture the beautiful views.

7 Is it quiet in the balloon?

When the burner is off, it is extremely quiet. The silence is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a hot air balloon ride in Colorado.

8 Does the basket sway and move around when flying?

No, the baskets do not sway since it moves with the wind.

9 How do you get the balloon inflated?

A fan is used to blow cool air into the balloon. Later the burners are used to heat the air as the balloon lies on the ground. Gradually the hot air balloon will rise to an upright position. We feel the inflation period before your flight is one of the most impressive parts of your Colorado hot air ballooning experience.

10 How do you steer a hot air balloon?

The only way to steer a hot air balloon is by finding different wind directions at different altitudes. Our pilots are extremely skilled at navigating the balloon in any climate or environment.

11 What about children?

Around the age of 6 years, children are tall enough to see over the side of the basket and are able to enjoy looking for wildlife in the woodlands and fields below, as well as the inflation and pack up almost as much as the flight itself.

Very small children and infants should wait until they are old enough to appreciate the ballooning experience.

12 What about special requests?

Since we are committed to offering personalized ballooning adventures, Colorado Hot Air Balloons is available to assist you with special requests to make your adventures with us even more special. We regularly accommodate in-flight weddings and marriage proposals, for example. Gift certificates for special occasions are also available.

13 How much does a hot air balloon ride in Colorado cost?

With many different packages available, Colorado Hot Air Balloons has a wide range of possibilities for your ride or charter. Call us today at 1-877-976-0090 for a quote.